The Summer Menu

Welcome to experience the summer menu on our large veranda, where the evening sun and the expansive view over the rolling fields create a perfect backdrop. We serve four dishes inspired by the season’s best produce, some of them directly from our local fields.


Salmon – turned zucchini – green tomato – pickled jalapeño – chlorophyll


Bread on a stick – whipped browned butter – chives


Sirloin steak – spring bread – potatoes – browned butter – summer truffle – salad from Bondekocken


Strawberries – white pepper meringue – brioche – flowers – elderflower

695 SEK

Allergens: M=Milk MA=Almond G=Gluten Ä=Egg F=Fish S=Sesame Seed K=Crab KF=Tree Nuts

We take allergies into account, but please notify us of them at least one week in advance by phone at 046-24 89 05. Non-medical dietary preferences, special requests or “diets” are not something we are able to accommodate.

PS. The menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients.