Aloha Spa Ritual

Aloha Spa Ritual – a journey through the Hawaiian islands for a replenished body and soul

Aloha Spa Ritual is a spa ritual spanning 90 minutes, with seven different steps that brings you on a tropical journey through the Hawaiian landscapes and its mythical culture. The elemental forces of nature are sumptuously harnessed to create a unique experience and the ritual is finished with 30 minutes of relaxation in our VIP-Relax.

Aloha! Your journey begins with a soothing foot bath, enriched with sea salt and detox seaweed tonic: an algal mixture that helps drawing out toxins in the skin and softening your feet. With your feet carefully tended, you’re invited to a health shot containing ginger and turmeric, whereafter focus turns to your hands. Using a mixture of shea butter and almond oil, enriched with lemon, elder blossom, algal extract and sea salt grains, they’re gently peeled to bring out smoothness and vitality.

With hands and feet deeply nourished, we begin your water therapy in our Japanese washing room – an interplay between hot and cold water and a magnificent way to increase the blood circulation. Hot water is pulsating from the shower head and a bucket with cold water is placed in front of you which you pour, relatively slow, over your body at the end. Dedicated breaths help to relax your muscles. This step is followed by two softening peelings, one for your face and another one for your body. Almond oil and sea salt, ethereal oils from petitgrain and orange, is carefully being massaged on to your skin.

Now you’re entering our Hawaiian steam sauna that, just like the scalding lava rapids joining the cooling sea, creates gigantic steam clouds and provides an exotic cleansing from the inside and out. Eucalyptus is added to the steam to help widen airways and deep breaths are recommended to allow the benevolent steam travel through body and soul. When you’ve reached ultimate relaxation, we bring you to the rainforest shower where a soft tropical rain sprinkles down your body, cleansing and rejuvenating before the next step. We move on to the lagoon, our version of the mystic Hawaiian sea caves that offers tranquil contemplation beyond the ordinary world. Enter the hot spring and let weightlessness envelop your body while floating in 37-38 degree heat, an oasis screening you from everyday stress.

Our next destination is the cedar sauna, where we pay hommage to the first mother of the Hawaiian tropical paradise; the hot volcanoes. Experience the heat from the volcanic lava rapids along with ethereal oils enclosing your body in a wondrous waltz. Let citrus, cedar wood, bloom and sweetness gently embrace your senses while worries and stress dissipates with the steam. Finish with a cooling shower, followed by a rich bodylotion and moisturising facial mask before moving on to Makani Kai (Hawaiian for sea breeze). We’ve reached the destination where the Hawaiian evening breeze gently blows around your body in a relaxing 37 degree heat, whilst we hand out a soothing facial mist and softening cream.

The last step on our journey is the Nest. Sink down on our daybeds at treetop level whilst enjoying dried fruit, water and tea with a panoramic view towards the serene nature and the let energy, power and calm gently stream through your body.

Aloha, and Welcome to a Less Ordinary Spa Experience.

“Aloha doesn’t just mean hello and goodbye and love and welcome. It means more than a word can express. It’s a feeling. A way of life. Aloha is the idea that we are all connected to everyone and everything around us and that true joy is found in respecting this connection.”

Aloha Spa Ritual

Aloha Spa Ritual is included in our day package Honulele Spa Retreat and could also be booked as an addition to the Treetop Escape.

Price: 595 SEK, time: 90 minutes (excluding approximately 30 minutes in the relaxing area afterwards).

(If you would like to book both our treatments and our Aloha Spa Ritual during your stay, we recommend that you book one of the two on your departure day to get as much as possible from your experience).

Please note! Changes in range of products and the content within our different Spa Ritual stations could be changed without pre-warning.