Whiskey test with Mackmyra

Being the proud partner to Mackmyra, we offer whiskey testing along with Mackmyra’s staff at our hotel, high above the tree tops!

Whiskey Tasting

During 1.5 hours, you will get the opportunity to test a selection of Mackmyra’s unique 30-litre barrels, and learn more about Mackmyra’s exciting journey. You will learn how they are producing their whiskey and how the little 30-litres barrel affects maturity and taste. We dig further into the importance of the oaktree for the whiskey, where the oaktree has grown, if it has been used to something else before, and also how different roasting/charring, will affect the endproduct. All in all, we will taste 6 different whiskeys.

Price: SEK  395.-/ person excl. VAT

Time may vary between 1 h and 1.5 h. Minimum number of 8 persons.