Sing yourselves Happy!

Bring your colleagues on a musical adventure – no vocal skills are required!

Many people know that you “sing when you’re happy” – but not everybody is aware that it works the other way too – that singing makes you happy! A new study shows that choir singing helps the body to oxygenate, to release tensions, and that stress hormones are decreasing. It has also been shown that you can use choir singing to get a better cooperation ability in a group. Together with Angelica Alm, famous from music programs on television, you can now book a guaranteed different and memorable feature in your conference. No prerequisites or vocational skills are required, you are simply encouraging each other, and you just let go of your voices with the help of Angelica’s instructions and joyful music.

Price: SEK 695.- / person

Time: 2 h
Minimum number of participants: 15 people.
Please ask for a price suggestion if you are fewer.

All prices are excl. VAT. All activites are at your own risk.