Mindfulness at The Lodge

Option 1:

Train your brain and your heart

The tempo around us is increasing and there are so many different things that take our focus away, both at work and in our private life. For many people this can lead to a sense of stress and a feeling that whatever you do, it really is not good enough. One way to try and prevent stress and mental illness is to choose mindfulness. Many new scientific reports are yearly revealing positive effects of mindfulness against stress and mental illness.

You will get an inspiring lecture on the importance of recovery, what mindfulness is, what contribution it can give, and give an explanation to what is going on physically in our bodies. Some exercises will also be implemented, and they will provide you with basic tools to bring along and use in everyday life.

Price: SEK 395.- / person

Minimum number of participants: 6 persons (with fewer number, ask for a quote)
Time: 1.5 h

This inspiration lecture can be booked independently or combined with “Mindfulness Exercises and Focused Tools”.

Option 2:

Mindfulness exercises and tools for increased focus

We do a set of exercises according to your wishes. Examples of exercises can include breathing techniques, meditations, motion exercises, i.e. mindful yoga and mindful walking as well as focus exercises, carried out two and two. No preparations are necessary, and you do not need any change of clothes either. The choice of exercises, weather conditions, and your feelings will determine whether we stay inside or outdoors.

In addition to trying out different types of exercises, you will also get some basic tools, to incorporate in your everyday life, in order to focus more easily, to be able to manage stress, all this to help you to really be present with body and soul.

Price: SEK 395.- / person

Minimum number of participants: 6 persons (with fewer numbers, ask for a quote).
Time: 1.5 h

This activity can be booked independently or combined with the inspiration lecture “Exercise your mind and your heart”. Price as a combination: SEK 695.- / person.

Mindfulness at The Lodge

Course leader is Christel Lilja from New Insight who works to prevent mental illness with both companies and individuals through courses (group or individual), lectures, workshops, and other activities in mindfulness. Read more about her business here.