How good is your memory?

Surely it would be nice if everything you tried to learn, could get stuck in your memory once and for all?

A staggering thought maybe, but this could be easier and faster to achieve, than you may think. You are not born with a supermemory, this is an ability you could train surprisingly fast, with correct guidance. We offer you an entertaining break during your conference, when Joachim Andersson from Svenska Minneslandslaget (‘the Swedish Memory National Team’) will open the doors to a world you did not even think was possible!

Pssst, Joachim can remember 20.000 decimals to PI and is also able to memorize the order of cards, in a newly mixed card game in less than one minute – are you perhaps curious to learn the trick?

Price: SEK  395.- / person

Time: about 2 hours
Location: Indoor activity, which takes place in your conference room
Minimum number: 8 persons (when fewer participants, please contact us for an offer)

All activites are excl. VAT and at your own risk.