A development tool for group dynamics in escape room format

In a thrilling battle against the clock, the team in Da Vincis Box is challenged to open a safe before time runs out. Each team has its own locked box containing another five locked cases. The challenge for each team is to solve riddles and crack codes, to get closer to the goal; to find the final code for the safe, in order to know Da Vinci’s final greeting. Problem solving, communication, creativity, and logical thinking are put to the test. The group’s various skills and cooperation ability are a prerequisite for solving the task. The only way to open the box is to think outside it!

The activity can be supplemented with an analysis of team strengths and development areas. Performed by Spirit Event.

Price: SEK 545.- / person

Time: 1.5 – 2 h
Participants: Minimum 12 people (even if you are fewer you will be debited for 12 guests)