The Pentathlon at The Lodge

In a pentathlon / cooperation struggle, your skills and abilities, are really put to the test! We have a wide variety of activities to choose from. You will discover new characteristics of your friends and colleges, which only are shown when the winning feeling pops up, but it also requires a great deal of cooperation to be the winning team! Book a fast-paced activity with the game and the contest as a head motive.

Join us in a challenging and fun game around The Lodge, examples of activities are:

Pipe relay – The team cooperates in bringing a tennis ball through plastic pipes without losing the ball on the ground. Messy and fun.

Seastorms – the team cooperates by moving ahead a certain distance, on short woodenplanks, together in groups and without touching the ground. Balanced and crazy.

Giant Memory –  the team cooperates in just that, a huge memory on the ground. Memorable and human.

Tugging fight – The team cooperates with tactics and weight. Loads of sweats could be promised…!

Knots on the rope – The team works together, to get through three knots on a rope, attached to the rope, without untieing the knots. Tricky and difficult.

Knife throwing – Technique without power

Ax throwing – Hard technique with power

Price: SEK 695.-/ person

Time: about 1 – 2 h depending on the number of participants.
Minimum number of participants: 10 persons.
All activities are at your own risk. All prices are excl. VAT.