The Multi-Challenge

For those who want a relaxed multi-challenge with exciting elements!

A very relaxed multi-challenge where teams compete in disciplines such as archery, axe throwing, and some fun team-building activities, where you solve tasks together as a team.This is a perfect activity when you want to have fun, laugh together, and try new exciting activities. It’s easy to socialize here.The setup is a “flexible pentathlon”, where we have well-established concepts that we know are appreciated and tend to work well together for the whole group. We adapt the choice of activities to the location and time frames, as well as if you have special requests.Many find it very fun to shoot with a bow and throw axes, therefore, we often leave some time for free activities after the competition.

Price: 735 SEK/person

Time: 1.5- 2 hours

Participants: minimum number 10 people

All activities are at your own risk. All prices are excl. VAT.