The Mission

Take technology into your hands and head out into the unknown!

Here, you embark on a fun digital scavenger hunt, combined with practical tasks and team building. The mission often suits larger groups well, as there are more teams to compete against and set traps for.We take you around to various locations marked on a map in smartphones. The group chooses which way to go, which places to visit themselves. At each location, there are tasks to solve, which may be photo assignments, questions to answer, practical challenges to overcome within a time limit, puzzles to solve, or something to find on site. Ingenuity, creativity, and playfulness come in handy here. The mission can be customized with questions related to the company, in an investigative or enjoyable way.All teams can see each other’s positions on the map, the current score, but can also disrupt each other by placing mines that temporarily take a group out of play. The more tasks you complete, the more tasks appear on the screen.You need at least one fully charged mobile phone/team, and the app Loquiz downloaded in advance.

The great thing about this activity is that each group can choose their own level of ambition, competition, or casual walk in the forest. You also get to keep fun photos to look at and compare afterwards!

Price: 735 SEK/person

Time: 1.5- 2 hours

Participants: minimum number 10 people

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