Night Challenge

An exciting and speedy challenge, where the darkness is both your friend and enemy!

Just a few steps outside the luminous, warm atmosphere inside, a really exciting adventure awaits you. In the autumn dark, we offer a tickling orientation in the dark forests, surrounding The Lodge. In the flashlight, you will go ahead along winding paths of the forest, and try to solve various tasks along the way. How difficult these tasks will be, it is completely up to you – we have something for everyone. Every person in the group is assigned a role and the team feeling must be at its peak, in order for the group to be able to cope with the adventure together. Perhaps you want to finish by gathering around the campfire and have something hot to eat/drink? Of course, we will solve that too.

Together we can offer a tailormade adventure, which you won’t forget that fast!

Orientation in the dark – Advanced

Price: SEK 695.- / person

Time: 2-3 h
Participants: Minimum 6 persons

Orientation in the dark – Less advanced

Price: SEK 495.- / person

Time: 1 – 2 h
Participants: Minimum 6 persons

All activities are at your own risk. All prices are excl. VAT.