Group development in a sheep herd

Are you looking for a different and efficient form for teambuilding? Marianne Klima has developed a unique method of working with a group, just a few minutes’ drive from The Lodge at the scenic Häckeberga nature reserve.

During a few hours, it will be evident how well the group solves different tasks. The work material is a group of 40-80 sheep in a sheep paddock! Between each exercise, shorter reflections are made, focusing on which actions that have led to successful results. Sheepherding, as a teambuilding method puts high demands on communicative skills, strategic planning, and problem solving skills. In a few seconds, the sheep will assess any weaknesses in the group – and exploit them.

You will be outdoors in the sheep paddock for about 2 hours, and then complete with a longer reflection, drawing parallels to an ordinary working day and how you can develop further as a team. A Less Ordinary Conference Feature, we would say!

Grupper mellan 4-10 personer 14.400 kr
Grupper mellan 11-15 personer 16.800 kr
Grupper mellan 16-20 personer 21.600 kr

Time: about 4 hours
Season: All year around
If you are fewer or more participants, please ask us for a quote!

All activities are at your own risk. All prices are excl. VAT.
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