The great GPS adventure

Grab the technology and walk into the unknown.

Nature ruves on many secrets, where one leads to another. With the help of GPS, curiosity and a pair of suitable shoes, you are on your way to discover several hidden secrets behind stubs and rocks.

You will get around through forests, across moors, and along different paths to be the one who comes first to the controls. Along the way you solve the tasks you are facing, to get a coordinate for the next adventure. Find shortcuts, look for clues and solve tricky tasks, ingenious constructions, and difficult challenges. You will end this adventure at a campfire and share experiences and laughter with each other.

Length, degree of difficulty, and what time of day, we will decide together before the adventure begins!

Det stora GPS-äventyret – Advanced

Pris: 695 kr/person

Tid: 2-3 h

Deltagare: minimum antal 10 personer

Det stora GPS-äventyret – Light

Pris: 595 kr/person

Tid: 1-2 h
Deltagare: minimum antal 10 personer

All activities are at your own risk. All prices are excl. VAT.
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