Our rooms…

The Lodge is located on top of Romeleåsen, on one of Skåne’s highest points, 167 meters above sealevel. We have 22 double rooms, a total of 44 beds. In Treetop Lodge, there are 12 double rooms and one suite, all with a fantastic view of the Skåne landscape below to the west. There are also nine Lexington Cabins (separate small houses completely remodeled with Lexington’s wallpaper and textiles), three of which are completely detached. The remaining six cabins are joined two and two together on one short side, with a small porch between them. All cabins are surrounded by greenery, and are connected to the rest of the hotel facility, through illuminated treks. All of the rooms have the same standard and are decorated in New England style, all in different coloration. All rooms have double beds (divisible) with two separate mattresses, except for the suite and cabin no 18, which has a double bed and a 1.60 cm mattress.


In Treetop Lodge there are 12 double rooms and one suite. They are about 25 sqm in size and have a desk, a chair, and at least one armchair or rocking chair, as well as cabinets for your clothes. Spacious toilet and showerroom. There is plenty of floor space in the rooms and therefore these rooms are suitable if you wish to put in an extra bed. Room No 7 on the ground floor is accessible for disabled people. Every room with a panoramic view over the treetops towards the rolling countryside to the west.






The suite is about 35 sqm in size and has a wonderful baywindow in front of the bed. Already when you wake up in the morning, the stunning view of the landscape, is the first thing you will see. The suite is also the only room that has a bathtub, which together with the shower, is placed in the middle of the room. Separate toilet. There is a sofa, a desk, and a cupboard for your clothes.





Our nine cabins are connected with illuminated wooden paths to the rest of the area. Cabin no 14, 15 and 16 are located next to the main building and completely independent, while cabin 17-22 are semi-detached houses, with the outer walls connected to each other on the short sides and they have small porches between them. The floor area is about 18 sqm in our cabins and unlike the rooms in Treetop, there is no desk, only one rocking chair. We do not recommend extra beds in the cabins. During late summer 2017, all our cabins were renovated, decorated with textiles and wallpapers from Lexington’s latest collection.